Importance of emergency plans

In this day and age it is vital that the average person takes the time to develop emergency plans. Black swan events are not so long forgotten for any of us, but this is only one type of emergency. Following are types of emergencies your family should seriously discuss, consider, and plan for. “Be Prepared” may be the Boy and Girl Scout motto, however, in today’s world it should be the motto of every person in .

Different places of the world experience different kinds of disasters. Earthquakes, hurricanes, avalanches, blizzards, tornadoes, floods all affect some portion of the world. Chances are you already know what is typical for your area. However, if it has been a long time since you have experienced one of these disasters chances are you have gotten lax with your emergency planning. Do you have an emergency in-home shelter picked out? Do you know the fastest, safest way out of your town? Do you keep an emergency kit packed in your car and in your in-home shelter location? Develop a plan for where you will meet or what you will do in the event you get separated from your loved ones during a disaster. How will you reconnect?

Many people will read this and think that anyone who takes the time to do this is paranoid. However, people who take the time to do this will likely be the ones to survive the disaster with the least injury or trauma. Would the people who were hit by Katrina have been better served if they had been better prepared for this emergency? I am not suggesting being prepared will alleviate all aspects of living through a disaster, but they will promote you actually surviving it.

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